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In 2011, Courtyard School moved from a singular Performing Arts course to a department including both Drama and Music.  We strive to ensure that all students become comfortable with an audience – public speaking as well as “in character”.  Students gain experience as an audience, in addition to in front of one.  Understanding and reading scripts, developing character, genre-experimentation, and memorization are focuses across grade levels.

All students from Kindergarten to Eight Grade spend time with Ms. Kristi in Drama and Ms. Astrid in Music.  Our TK students enjoy Performing Arts with Ms. Mattson and Ms. Brooke.

Each class performs twice a year for their family and friends.  Our Sixth through Eight Grade Students have an additional drama study class each week.  In this class they will read and study both classic original works as well as adaptations.  Each student will also have a technical or directing assignment in order to introduce them to ore aspects of production.  The culminating event will be a student-driver performance and dinner theatre at the end of the school year.


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