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Physical Education


At Courtyard School, we understand that students benefit physically and academically from daily exercise so we offer each of our students PE every day of the week.

Through competitive and noncompetitive sports and games, Mr. Ricci strives to increase the endurance, coordination, and strength of his students and acquaint them with many different activities.  Mr. Ricci’s large array of fun games and activities keep students engaged and moving  Some of students favorite games are indoor hockey, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, kickball, and badminton.

Mr. Ricci’s love and excitement of sports and athleticism is inspiring.  He can get every child to believe they can be successful physically and athletically.

Students frequently say that PE is their favorite time of the day but important lessons underlie the fun.  Mr. Ricci’s instruction ideally lasts a lifetime: perform your best, work to improve your skills, and show cooperation, sportsmanship, and responsibility.



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