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All grade levels at Courtyard School participate in Spanish classes.

Dr. D feels Spanish acquisition should be a fun and exciting experience.  The Spanish program is taught through a variety of learning modalities based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory of teaching and learning by Howard Gardner, Harvard University.  Intelligence is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that occurs at multiple levels of our brain/mind/body system. There are many ways by which we know, perceive, learn and process information.  Students experience Spanish through various intelligences and capacities: Verbal/linguistic, Visual/spatial, Logical/mathematical, Body/kinesthetic, Musical/rhythmic, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.   The following statements reflect a few sentiments towards Spanish:

“I love Spanish.”-Kindergarten student

“You are the best Spanish teacher I have ever had.”-3rd grade student

“Spanish is so much fun.”-6th grade student

I have witnessed dramatic shifts in students’ self-esteem as they discover ways to affirm their unique ways of knowing. I believe students who develop the love of learning Spanish and Hispanic culture will become “life-long Spanish learners”.  Viva espanol!

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