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Fifth Grade

5th Grade Field Trip

Ms. Johnson’s promise to students?  She will hold them to high expectations, encourage and support them in their educational explorations, and empower them with the skills they need to be lifelong learners.  She fosters a strong, inquiry-based learning environment which prepares students for the transition from middle school to high school and beyond.  Her increasingly complex curriculum prepares students to take greater personal responsibility in their work and her infectious love of learning easily transfers to students.

Ms. Johnson builds a comfort level so students are willing to take academic risks and to challenge themselves to go outside their comfort zone.  Field trip activities like zip lining, underwater challenges, and sky drop reinforce that challenge can be fun and rewarding!

5th Grade Astrocamp 


Highlights include a simulated satellite launch at the Challenger Learning Center, an overnight trip to Astrocamp, and Shakespearean monologues.   

“One of my favorite things is watching the interaction on the playground.  I love seeing the community of kids, playing together and caring for each other.  I think it’s wonderful when I see a fifth-grader stop to help a little one, or the TKers saying hi to all the big kids and the teachers.” -Ms. Johnson, 5th grade teacher

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