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Fourth Grade

4th Grade Field Trip

Enter Ms. Steinman’s fourth grade classroom and you encounter a community that puts its civic responsibilities into action.  Fourth grade students experience civics, cooperation, and responsibility first hand by taking on roles each trimester that contribute to the success of the entire group.  They carry those lessons into the community at large through participating in numerous service projects.

Through in-depth, project-based work, Ms. Steinman folds together the important fourth-grade subjects of California history, science, reading, writing and math into meaningful knowledge.  Pioneer Research, California Missions, UC System, Island of the Blue Dolphins, experiments, and algebraic expressions. Ms. Steinman can extract the best from each student.

 4th Grade Pioneers

Outside the classroom, fourth graders stretch their boundaries by attending a week long Science Camp at Yosemite National Park and live as pioneers at a 24 hour Sutter’s Fort Environmental Living Program experience.  Many other day trips round out this busy, innovative fourth grade year.


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