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The kindergarten classroom is a fun and exciting place to be.  Ms. Peters and Ms. Kathy love to capture their student’s thirst for learning by teaching lessons through song, dance, read-alouds, games, and a variety of hands on activities. Through an integrated curriculum children read, write, draw, build, and explore topics such as primary colors, plants, and butterflies.

Kindergarten students are encouraged to use their own unique thoughts and be active participants in their own education. Ms. Peters and Ms. Kathy strive to help students understand the purpose of what they do in the classroom and how it applies to their everyday life.

Field trips include a trip to McKinley library, the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, the Indian Museum, the Railroad Museum, and a school wide trip each year to the Academy of Science, Lawrence Hall of Science, or the SF MoMa. Ms. Peters likes to find new experiences for her students and makes room in the busy schedule for new field trips and activities.


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