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Third Grade

3rd teambuilding

Third grade students find that they can master multiplication, division, independent reading, the basics of the solar system, and so much more.

Projects such as Book Publishing, Creative Book Reports, Life Science and Pioneer Research Reports, and Our Year in Songwriting are a source of pride for each student.

Field trips are an integral part of learning, and the hands-on workshops at Sutter’s Fort bring history alive.  Student independence is fostered through their first big trip away from home when the third graders go on a four day field trip to the Headlands Institute.  The outdoors become the classroom as students put their science studies into practice!

Sutters Fort wagon

 Through art projects, children are encouraged to express emotion and imagination.  Students learn about history and culture, gain confidence, and develop individuality.  They create papier maché animals, art in the Renaissance style, and concoct paint from eggs and crushed colored chalk.


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